A Key to the Icons

Icon - A Message from Kit



A Message from Kit: An introduction with some personal perspectives from her own Personal Strategy Map and life story.




Reference Guide: A written and audio guide to explain the journey and help you navigate it. It’s a guide that you can work through or dip into and return to as you develop, reflect, and iterate the elements of your personal strategy; use it as much or as little as you need to as you elicit and develop your strategy and plan.




Materials to download: Templates and tools to use are available to download from the materials tab in the relevant section or on the link next to this icon.




Exercises: Provocations and techniques to support the exploration and development of your Personal Strategy and Practice.




Definitions: Get granular with what you have written means, build a richer context by creating a more detailed definition. This helps you to develop the substance of your thinking, check the validity of your strategy and starts to embed the strategic choices you are making into your daily decisions.


review, refine & reflect icon



Review, refine and reflect: In the heat of the moment ideas are curated that after a good night’s sleep and some reflection may need some adjustment and refinement. This section poses questions for you to consider to test, learn and adapt your strategy.





Discuss: This is an opportunity to articulate your thinking to a trusted partner who will offer constructive challenge and consideration and provide non-judgmental support. This could be your programme triad member, a friend (without a personal agenda or conflict of interest with your choices) or your coach. If none of these options is available, take on the persona of your own coach.




Strategy into action: Video and audio clips from alumni, experts and Kit with examples and insights.