Review, Reflect and Refine

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Review, reflect and refine

  • Have you included lots of different enablers? Choose the most critical to put on the front of your strategy map. Other enablers can be woven into the definitions of the pillar priorities.
  • Are the enablers congruent with the overall strategy? Check how the strategic components all fit together in an integrated whole.

Update your Personal Strategy Map and Definitions 

The iteration in the development of the Personal Strategy Map and Definitions takes time and reflection. As you develop each part of your Personal Strategy Map, consider the impact and implications on the other parts.

Download from the link below or from the materials tab: 


Update your Personal Strategy Map with the three enabler statements, one for each pillar in the Priorities Perspective.

Use the templates to capture your notes and thoughts on what each enabler means to you, allowing yourself to get ‘messy’ while exploring and developing your ideas. Once you’ve got a condensed, crisper version of your intention and definition, enter it into the summary template for each pillar.