Exercise: Your Best Self

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Exercise: Reflections and Priorities – Your Best Self

Using the Best Self Reflections and Priorities worksheet to capture your thoughts, consider the following:

  • What narratives do I have about myself that are serving me well?
  • What narratives about myself am I attached to as part of my identity – “this is just who I am” – that may have unintended consequences that are not serving me well now or with where I want to get to in the future?
  • What narratives simply undermine my growth and potential?
  • What baggage am I carrying around that I can let go of?

Describe your priority:

What priority reflects the commitment that you are making to change to make a positive difference to being your best self?  Capture your notes and insights on what is surfacing as your priority. 

What does this mean to you?

Note any ideas on areas for improvement, actions, targets and what this priority means to you and your future.