Exercise: Values Alignment Audit

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“The space between our practised values and our aspirational values is the value gap or disengagement divide….we have to pay attention to the space between where we’re actually standing and where we want to be. More importantly, we have to practise the values that we’re holding out as important” Brené Brown 18


This exercise is to assess whether we are actually investing in and practising those values that we profess to hold dear and fundamentally important to us.



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Using the Values Alignment Audit, transfer your top three relationship values from the Values Module and make some notes about your thoughts on the following:


  • How am I practising and investing in this value in my relationships?
  • What is the Values Gap in each of my key relationships?
  • What will I do differently to demonstrate an abundance of this value in my relationships?
  • Wherever you are in your relationships, how will you strengthen the connection between you?

Develop your Priority Statements of Intent

Capture your notes and insights on what is surfacing as your priorities in your Relationship pillar and what this means to you and your future.