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Develop definitions

Summarise your thoughts from the exercises in the Purpose and Aspirations Summary Table. Let it be messy!

Consider how your talent and your passion connect with what the world needs, what difference you want to make and how you want to make that difference in the world. Create a purpose statement, and then describe what that means to you and to others.

Using the questions for guidance: create your aspiration statement for each pillar:

  • Self – who and how do I aspire to be?
  • Relationships – how do I aspire to be in my relationships with others?
  • Work – What impact or legacy do I want to have in my circle of influence or the wider world? How does the work that I do (paid or unpaid) fulfil me and my purpose?

For each aspiration statement, develop a richer context and more granular description by completing the sentence: this means that….



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