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Develop values behaviours and definitions

Identifying behaviours that support or undermine your values challenges you to consider whether these really are YOUR priority values or whether they are values that you’ve adopted and therefore are not authentic. 

For the top three values in each pillar:

  1. Create a definition statement: describe why each of the top three values is really important to you. Define what each of the top three values means and include what happens when you don’t have each value present in your life.
  2. Identify behaviours that support this value, that evidence that this value is alive in your life. Use pragmatic examples of your behaviours rather than using other values to describe this value.  
  3. Identify ‘slippery’ or unsupporting behaviours or attitudes that you might sometimes display that trip you up, and undermine your living this value. When does this happen?

If you find it useful, develop your top three values into a meaningful statement. If not, don’t stress, leave them as three separate values which will sit as the foundation of your strategy map beneath each pillar. 

Building your values into a memorable phrase helps you to articulate the meaning behind each value. Use inspiring words and vocabulary (our brains are quick to ignore the mundane and complex). Mine for words that evoke and trigger emotion. Make your value statements rich and meaningful. The summary statements sit at the foundation of your Personal Strategy Map.

We will revisit this exercise once you have developed the rest of your Personal Strategy Map.  Once you have explored the relationship of your values to your personal aspirations and the strategic priorities you identify in the map, you’ll make a further prioritisation of the top three values based on how these values underpin and support your purpose and priorities.

Summarise these in the Values Summary.



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Describe ‘the story’ of your top three values in each pillar to your trusted partner. Share what you have discovered and defined. Are the stories congruent? Have you got your values aligned with the right pillar? How specific have you been?