Review, Reflect and Refine

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Review, reflect and refine

“You may find that making a difference in others makes the biggest difference in you.” Brian Williams 7

When you have written your draft purpose and aspiration statements and put some defining context around them, ask yourself:

  • Does your purpose statement feel authentic, inspiring and worth the effort?
  • How do the aspiration statements make you feel? Do they generate a sense of connection and clarity? Do you believe in what you’ve written?
  • What difference will making a difference in others make in you?
  • Are these aspirations important enough to you to motivate you to make the requisite changes and investments in your life to make it happen?
  • Are the drafts that you’ve created ‘good enough’?

Update your Personal Strategy Map and Definitions

Insert your purpose statement (regardless how draft it is) at the top of the strategy map, in the ‘roof’. Insert your aspiration statements at the top of each pillar in the Aspirations Perspective.

Once you’ve got a condensed, crisper version of your purpose and what it means, enter it into the summary template. NB. The aspirations are summarised under each pillar – use the templates for each pillar.




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