Review, Reflect and Refine

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Review, reflect and refine

  1. How do the chosen values make you feel?
  2. Do these values reflect who you are at your best?
  3. Are they congruent with who you are? Is there any inconsistency with your identity (as if they belong to someone else like an authority figure or what you think is expected of you)? Resist holding on to words that resemble something that you’ve been coached to be, words that never felt true for you.
  4. What happens when this value is not present in your life? Can you live without it?
  5. How important is this value to you moving forward? Does this value reflect a past narrative/current gap in your life or future potential? For example, have you chosen ‘trust’ as a value in relationships because you feel one of your relationships is lacking trust, rather than you valuing trust and living by it yourself? 
  6. Are you being clear as to what specifically you value? For example, if you’ve chosen family as a value – what is it about ‘family’ that you value? Connection/intimacy/financial security/loyalty? Get as specific as you can.
  7. Knowing your values changes your behaviour; for example, if you prioritise ‘health’ over ‘comfort’, it will result in different choices. Do you use these values as a filter to make hard decisions?
  8. Are you living this value today or are the values you’ve chosen ideals you aspire to? How invested are you in this value (time, energy, funding)? For example, if you have chosen ‘entrepreneurship’ as a value but then live a risk-averse, conventional life, it may be something that you aspire to but don’t actually value.
  9. What is your ‘value gap’ – the space between your practised values behaviours and your priority values behaviours?
  10. Are you more aware of where your values have been/are being triggered and what effect that has on your behaviour?

Having reflected on these questions, make any adjustments to the ranking.

Update your Strategy Map

Insert your draft values statement or your top three/one at the base of each pillar in the Values Perspective.




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