Vision Exercise

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Exercise: Define your destination


Part 1

Consider: In a defined period of time (12 months from now or some other defined time period in the future):

  • What are you known for? How would people describe you?
  • How do you want to feel about yourself, your relationship with others, your work and your community contributions?
  • What have you achieved and how would you or others evidence those outcomes?
  • How has your life changed as a whole and in the different aspects of your life?
  • Where are you really excelling? What strengths are you leveraging?
  • Who are your supporters?
  • Whom are you connecting with? How have those relationships changed?
  • What are you giving back?
  • How is your environment enabling or undermining you?
  • What have you put in place to enable you, minimise detractors and overcome obstacles?
  • How is your mindset different?

Part 2

Condense these notes into a statement which states the timeframe, where you will have reached and why. Ensure that this statement is a milestone on your purposeful journey, taking you in the right direction. For example, ‘In 12 months, I am at [describe the mental/physical/emotional place] in order to [describe the outcome aligned with your aspirations and purpose].’

Vision statement: “In 12 months…”

Add this draft statement into the roof of your strategy map below your purpose statement.





Describe your vision of the future one year from now. Discuss how this fits with your values, purpose and aspirations. What priorities might it provoke?