Our purpose

“Strategy is only as good as the capability to execute it.”  Kit Jackson

Strategy Together works with organisations, teams and individuals, equipping them to make strategy happen.

We work with ambitious leadership teams who own their strategies and commit to the implementation journey.  We use proven tools and methodologies from many disciplines, customising our approach to your unique needs.

We create extraordinary value for our clients and partners.

Our three pillars

We make strategy happen. Together.

About Kit Jackson – Managing Partner


An international Strategy Execution leader & globally recognised expert in using Strategy Maps and managing by Strategic Themes, Kit Jackson has held leadership positions in both consulting & industry with organisations such as Unilever, Anglo American, BMW Financial Services, John Lewis, Tele2, Allianz Global Investors, HSBC, University of Leeds and Rexam Plc (acquired by Ball Corp in 2016), and currently works with a portfolio of clients in Barbados, Australia and the UK across a range of industries and sectors. Several of Kit’s clients are also named in the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy.

Kit has a long association with the creators of the balanced scorecard, Robert Kaplan and David Norton, and played an instrumental role in evolving their initial scorecard from a performance measurement and management tool into a strategy management tool. She then pioneered the concept of managing by Strategic Themes – creating cross-functional, cross-organisational “theme teams” charged with managing strategy execution and ensuring interdependencies. This concept, along with its methodology and practices, represents one of the most pivotal developments in the evolution of strategy execution.

Kit is a founding member of Homeward Bound, an initiative reaching 1.8 million people that is equipping women in STEMM to shape and lead the future of the planet. Through her work with Homeward Bound, as well as with Claremont Fan Court School and Hearts in the Ice, her mission is to equip people to lead, influence & shape the future – of our organisations, our society and our planet.

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Our contribution – shaping the future of our planet

With crisis comes the opportunity for change

Hearts in the Ice is a platform for social engagement in the dialogue around climate change.

Created by Hilde Fålun Strøm & Sunniva Sorby, HITI promotes conversation on issues relating to adventure, female leadership, STEMM, sustainability, innovation, exploration, diversity, climate action, alternative energy & pushing boundaries.

Bamsebu is a 9-month overwintering project in the High Arctic of Svalbard, Norway where from August 2019 – May 2020, Hilde (Norway) & Sunniva (Canada) inhabited a 20sq.m trappers cabin “Bamsebu”.

However as a result of COVID-19 their pickup was cancelled so Hilde & Sunniva are using their continued isolation to highlight the power of connectivity between people & the natural world.

Working closely with Strategy Together

Strategy Together has worked closely with Hilde & Sunniva to enhance their leadership & strategic capabilities to align & amplify their voices in the global conversation on climate change.

We used the strategy map to map out HITI’s objectives to achieve the vision and ambitions, and deliver on stakeholder expectations aligned to purpose.


We used three themes to describe the strategy; firstly, how our experience educates and inspires others, secondly, how the visibility we create around our citizen science projects contributes to the call to action on climate change, thirdly, how we can use HITI to extend our influence and impact beyond Bamsebu, and finally what resource we need to enable us to be successful in our endeavour.

We use the strategy map as our compass to keep moving in the right direction, and as a planning tool to keep us focused on making the right strategic choices.

When we set sail on this ground breaking leadership initiative in 2016 on board the MV Ushuaia with 78 women and a documentary film crew, I had little idea of the extraordinary voyage of self discovery that we had embarked upon and that lay ahead of us, and the impact that Fabian’s ten year vision would have in the world today.

The experience of this first Homeward Bound cohort lay the foundations for the future years and from this pilot we were able to learn and improve the programme, and further develop as leaders.

Strategy Together is a major contributor to Homeward Bound a ground-breaking leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of an Antarctic expedition.

Over a 10 year period Homeward Bound is creating a global collaboration of 1,000 women with STEMM backgrounds and better equipping them to lead, influence & shape the future of our planet.

It's a privilege to be a founding member of Homeward Bound and to work with and invest in enabling these extraordinary women with a STEMM background to be better equipped to lead, influence and shape the future of our planet. It is increasingly important for women to be at the leadership table and have their voices heard in these challenging times and this programme is even more relevant now.

Kit Jackson is a captivating and inspirational leader. For the women of the third cohort, we had her for 2 days in Ushuaia prior to boarding the ship and she absolutely blew us away with her combination of gritty determination, utmost capability and absolute grace and vulnerability.