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  • Group coaching sessions with Kit Jackson
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A Whole of Life Approach

Many approaches seek to balance our work commitments with life objectives.

In Personal Strategy we look at our priorities in an integrated approach, where choices are connected and aligned with what we value and in line with what we aspire to be, mindful of the impact one change may have on other areas of life.

What could be more important than to invest some time in personal reflection, in gaining clarity on your integrated whole-of-life choices in order to reach your aspirations?


Intentions in Action



Purpose & Aspirations




About Kit Jackson...

Kit is globally recognised as the leading expert in strategy and making it happen using strategy mapping methodology.

Throughout her career she has focused on understanding and implementing what it takes to make strategy, resolutions and dreams a reality firstly in an organisational context and more latterly in a whole of life approach. 

Kit is one of the founding faculty of Homeward Bound, a leadership initiative reaching an audience of over 1 billion people with a vision of equipping women in STEMM to create better outcomes for the planet, set against the backdrop of expeditions to Antarctica; this programme was the birthplace for the Personal Strategy methodology.


Most frequent questions and answers

The programme consists of eight modules which each have around 4-8 sections within them, available in both text and audio.

Each module contains personal development insights, downloadable templates and guidance on how to develop your Personal Strategy Map and translate it into an actionable plan. In addition there are videos from alumni sharing their experience and regular invitations to reflect and refine your Personal Strategy.

We are all travellers on this life journey, and in this programme you are going to develop a strategy map to help you navigate and find your path, even when you are not sure where you are.

The Personal Strategy framework has made a huge difference to many people’s lives, and we are sure that it will make a difference to you in your life.

Kit’s expertise is in developing the organisational, team and personal capability to make strategy happen.

She is the creator and lead coach of the Personal Strategy framework, which helps individuals to create clarity and congruence between purpose, values and conscious choices across all aspects of life.

She has held leadership positions in both consulting and industry and is currently the Managing Partner of Strategy Together. 

She led the strategy faculty for Homeward Bound a ground-breaking leadership initiative for women with a STEMM background.

This programme has been designed to be easy to follow and implement. However, if you’re ever stuck for any reason, our support team are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Just email consultant@strategytogether.com

Remember we are striving for progress not perfection!

We recommend you start with the Values module, as this form the foundation to your Personal Strategy.

There is a recommended order to the programme, however we would suggest that once you have progressed through the values module that you move onto the pillar that resonates most with you – self, relationships or work.

What is most important to you in your life?

Identify the top 3 values, which will underpin your Personal Strategy

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