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Develop definitions

Condense the notes of your enablers and what they mean into three draft objective statements with a definition for each. Complete ‘this enabler means that…’

The definition provides a description of what this enabler means to you by providing granular detail, a richer context and the extent of the change required to take you from where you are today to where you want to get to. Engaging in this process helps you to develop the substance of your thinking, check the validity of your strategy and embed the strategic choices you are making into your daily decisions. It is one of the most important processes in developing your Personal Strategy because it clarifies the change that you are committing to and tests the substance, rationale, and authenticity of your enabler. It’s really important for internalizing your strategic choices. The devil is in the detail, and the strategy resides in the definitions. Don’t be seduced into skipping it! 

Use the templates from each pillar to capture your notes and condense your thinking.




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Include the enablers in the ‘story of the strategy’ and practice articulating it with your trusted partner. Embrace the constructive challenge. The clearer you can make your strategy, the easier it will be to remember and engage with it.

Choose the most important enabler for the pillar priorities. Perhaps some of the lesser points on what will enable your priorities can be included in the definition statement for that priority.