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What is Immunity to Change

An immune system is an extraordinarily intelligent force that elegantly acts to protect us, to save our lives. However, in some instances, an immune system can threaten our continued good health.

When it rejects new material that the body needs to heal or to thrive, the immune system can put us in danger. It does not understand that, ironically in working to protect us it is actually putting us at risk.

The ability to change can be maddeningly elusive even when there is no lack of sincerity in the intention. There just seems to be something holding you back.

The Immunity to Change

Keegan and Lahey refer to it as an Immunity to Change.

The immunity to change actively and brilliantly prevents us from changing because of its devotion to preserving our existing way of making meaning. In order to overcome this force, it’s necessary to uncover the unconscious commitments and defence mechanisms that are fuelling it.

When reviewing your progress on your strategy, whether it be a personal or business strategy, consider whether the changes you desire are being undermined by your own individual or team immunity system and require more fundamental and adaptive change.

It’s like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, causing you to burn fuel and spin your wheels but you remain stuck.

Do you feel like you have one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake?