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Abundance vs scarcity

You have a choice: Abundance vs scarcity

When you are standing on the platform of a station, you can feel when a train is hurtling down the tracks towards you. You can feel the displaced wind on your face, you can hear the sound of the engine, and you can feel the vibrations of the wheels on the tracks as the train gets closer. The destination is identified on the train or the departures board. You have a choice, whether to board the train or to stand back and let it pass.

When triggered by some emotion, let’s say, resentment, I can feel it building in my body, and when it arrives like the train in the station, I can choose to jump right on to that train as the doors open and let it take me to that place where resentment resides.

But trying to get off a moving train is not that easy once you’re fully on it and it’s moving at speed. Or I can choose to stand behind the yellow line, let the doors close and let the scarcity train pass.

Abundance vs scarcity

Most times, I am able to recognise the scarcity train coming, but on those occasions where I don’t, I have a wonderful friend and colleague who will just whisper to me quietly in a meeting, “Let the train pass, Kit.” It’s enough to ensure that I step back behind the yellow line and choose a more constructive thinking style, a train that comes from a place of gratitude and generosity, and will take me to a place of abundance, not scarcity.

Being aware of what gets in the way of showing up as your best self and what you will choose to prioritise is a key part of creating your personal strategy for life. I make a conscious choice to show up with abundance and reject the scarcity train. The culture of scarcity is so prevalent in social media today. Before we have even started our day it seems that we are not enough. I counter that by having a mantra on waking:

“I am enough, and I have enough for whatever is being asked of me today.”

It’s got me through every day and helps me to thrive rather than just survive.

“The key to abundance is meeting our limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.”

– Marianne Williamson

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