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Mind the Value Gap

In the London Underground there is a warning to be careful while stepping between platform and train.

What is the Value Gap?

In strategic planning we describe the difference between the aspirational strategic targets and anticipated operational performance as the Value Gap.

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Closing the Value Gap

The portfolio of strategic initiatives is designed and developed to close that gap. The strategic Balanced Scorecard is an excellent framework to use to monitor and manage the progression towards our ambitions.

So why do so many organisations with a seemingly great strategy fail to deliver on the anticipated outcomes?

– The value gap has not been clearly quantified or qualified.

– The change agenda associated with the value gap has not been coherently articulated and described and it is not understood nor owned.

– The strategic initiatives are not focused enough on strategic impact, too much emphasis is put on activity over outcomes, and the initiatives are not sufficient to close the value gap.

As you engage in strategic planning over these next few months, MIND THE VALUE GAP so that you don’t fall short resulting in a disappointing performance.

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