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What Does It Mean To Be Strategic?

The equinox signals a change in season, and recent events seem to indicate a new era is dawning. With transition comes reflection on what matters to me, whether where I am, who I am, who I’m with and what I am doing is properly serving my purpose and aspirations and in line with my values. I take the opportunity to evaluate whether I’m doing things right and still doing the right things.

What does it mean to be strategic?

Being strategic requires you to put smaller decisions into a broader, connected and purposeful context. Often our intensely busy lives squeeze out time for reflection, reassessment and refinement, resulting in making decisions on what has worked in the past or driven by immediacy. That would be fine if our world were static, but it’s not. What got you to this place might not get you to where you want to go suggests Marshall Goldsmith. To be effective, strategy (personal or business) must be dynamic.

When we are so consumed with the day-to-day execution of urgent tasks and perfecting the current situation we can neglect what’s really important in our lives.

How does Personal Strategy help?

The Personal Strategy Map provides a framework to describe an integrated set of choices aligned to my aspirations, purpose and values. This is not just about balancing work with home priorities. This is a whole-of-life strategy encompassing conscious choices for Self, Relationships with others and Work/contribution and ensuring congruence between them.

Using my Personal Strategy Map enables me to better allocate my resources – energy, time, finances – where they will have the greatest impact; it is my navigational guide.

And when the weather changes, I am able to adjust accordingly.